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Top Korean Circle Lenses — What Are They?

Top Korean Circle Lenses. Which are they? 

Top Korean Circle lenses. Which are they? What brand do we like most? What are they? A trend first started by Korean Celebrities has fast become a top hit around the world. Korean circle lenses not only enlarge the iris but also make our eyes more “doll-like” and give off that “puppy dog eye” effect. South Korea is known to many as the home to many world famous beauty products and definitely do not run short of their range in Korean Circle Lenses.

We used to think that circle lenses were simply just clear contact lenses we wore to help us see while we tried to avoid having to wear glasses. But now, Circle Lenses are a whole other beauty game. They’re more than just for improving our vision, they’re also used to add a splash of colour to your OOTD, help draw attention and help you stand out in order to leave a lasting impression on a night out. 

Circle lenses are available in different designs, colours, diameters and prescriptions to suit your needs and preferences and are available in a range of expiry periods ranging from daily, monthly, 6-monthly and even annually. It’s important that while Circle Lenses are the new trend for many, much like our makeup brushes and utensils, it’s extremely important to care for your lenses properly and hygienically to avoid unwanted irritation to our peepers. We did some research and have found the top Korean Circle Lenses out there and here’s our list from a range of different Korean brands:


Top Korean Circle Lenses GEO Medical GrangGrang Grey Kbeautyreviews Kbeautyreviews.com

GEO – Grang Grang Grey 

The Grang Grang series by popular contact lens brand GEO is made using two tones. These grey contacts are designed to reflect the light in your eyes and give a polish that is noticable, but not unnatural.

Available in 14.2mm and 14.8mm. These circle lenses fit over your iris perfectly. 

With a 38% water content, they will feel extraordinarily comfortable as well. They are made with Polymacon material by veterans in cosmetics GEO Medical, the gold standard in the circle lens industry.

The circle lenses also enlarge the best features of your eyes with a dark rim around the edges, enhancing your iris’ color and size in a subtle way. 

Also available in Grang Grang Brown and Big Grang Grang series (Diameter of 14.5mm).

Korean Circle Lens Grang Grang series Kbeautyreviews


Korean Circle Lens Secriss Natural Brown kbeautyreviews

Secriss – Natural Brown

The Secriss series by South Korean brand O-Lens is one of the highly sought after more “natural” looking cosmetic circle lens. 

With a water content of 55% these circle lenses are extremely comfortable and won’t irritate your eye or dry it out. Suitable for wear up to 10 hours per day. 

14.2mm in diameter.

Natural brown shade gives a pop of colour to your eyes to enhance the natural colour of your iris.

Minimal enlargement gives a natural finish leaving most wondering but not able to pinpoint exactly what is different about your eyes. 

Top Korean Circle Lenses Olens Secriss Natural Brown kbeautyreviews



O-Lens Jenith 3colour Blue Circle Lens

Korean Circle Lenses Jenith 3con Blue Kbeautyreviews kbeautyreviews.com

Jenith 3Colour Blue circle Lens offers a pop in colour for your eyes. Noticeable yet stunning in its own way, accentuates dark brown eye colours. 

14mm in diameter for the perfect “natural look” without overly enlarging the iris area. 

Outline of the circle lens ensures that it blends seamlessly with your natural eye contour. 

38% water content. We recommend eye drops for pro-longed use of this contact lens over a period of more than 8 hours to keep eyes healthy and hydrated. 

Duration: Best used monthly. 

One of the top-selling blue coloured circle lens in South Korea. Worn also by famous beauty youtuber Pony aka Hyemin Park. 

Korean Circle lenses Olens Jenith 3 colour Blue Kbeautyreviews Kbeautyreviews.com


O-Lens Russian Velvet Gold 

Korean Circle Lens Olens Russian Velvet Gold Kbeautyreviews Kbeautyreviews.com

O-Lens Russian Velvet Gold brings the perfect mixture of light brown and hazel in a circle lens. 

Holds a 14mm diameter with a natural blend or colour to the iris of the eye.

38% water content. We recommend eye drops for pro-longed use of this contact lens over a period of more than 8 hours to keep eyes healthy and hydrated. 

Material: 2HEMA + NVP

Duration: Monthly. Take note to dispose of one month after opening this product unless well maintained and cleaned regularly. Recommended to not exceed two months worth of usage.

If you start to see signs of irritation, remember to dispose of the circle lens as soon as possible as irritation is a sure sign that lenses are either unsuitable for your eyes or have surpassed their use by date. 

Korean Circle Lenses Olens Russian Velvet Gold Kbeautyreviews Kbeautyreviews.com


Vassen – Rainbow Eyes Violet

Korean Circle Lenses Vassen Violet Eyes kbeautyreviews kbeautyreviews.com

Rainbow eye contacts feature a combination of perfectly matched duo-tone. With its soft hue edge design, it blends perfectly without looking harsh.

Features the perfect blend of red and violet shades. 

Available in 8 gorgeous colour combinations. 

Holds a diameter of 14.5mm which is slightly bigger than your average circle lenses. 

42% water content making them decently comfortable on the eyes. Again if you are wearing circle lenses for more than 8 hours remember to use eye drops regardless of the water content in the lenses as prolonged wear will dry out your eyes.

Vassen Rainbow eyes Violet is a yearly disposable circle lens however you need to consider how well you are taking care of them. If you do not store or clean them properly they definitely will not survive the one year duration. 

Korean Circle Lenses Vassen Rainbow colour Violet kbeautyreviews.com

Vassen Rainbow Blue                   Vassen Rainbow Green                  Vassen Rainbow Violet                Vassen Rainbow Hazel              

14.5mm                                        14.5mm                                         14.5mm                                      14.5mm


Korean Circle lenses are fast becoming a staple in most everyday makeup routines and we can definitely see why. We absolutely loved all of the lenses as mentioned above but really want to emphasise the concept hygiene and personal care.

It’s important to find circle lenses are right for your eye shape and size. Don’t opt for lenses that are too big in diameter as this will give off an “alien like” look and become rather unnatural and uncomfortable. Similar to foundation and mascara, circle lenses are made to accentuate your features or your look and add a pop of colour and fun to an outfit. If you require prescription contact lenses please ensure that you are purchasing the right prescription to suit your needs. 

Try out these Top Korean Circle Lenses and let us know what you thought of them! Be sure to drop us a note on which ones you liked best or if there were any others that you’d recommend. The market for Korean Circle Lenses is so large we’d definitely love to hear from you.


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